Why Every Man Should Celebrate International Women’s Day?

Every year, International Women’s Day is celebrated globally on 8th March to acknowledge women’s contribution and promote their rights. This day is commemorated to create awareness about sexism and gender inequality that women go through every day.

With every International Women’s Day celebration, we aspire to build a gender-balanced world. Because balance drives a better world. Even the campaign theme for International Women’s Day 2019 is “BalanceforBetter”.

The formation of a gender-balanced world in the 21st century requires great efforts from men as well. They need to raise their voice against domestic violence, sexual harassment, gender pay gaps, and inequalities against women persist in every part including the developed western countries.

So here are a few reasons why we believe every man should celebrate International Women’s Day to fight the injustice against women.

  • Since ages, women have been oppressed in society for the elevation of men. Or at least that’s what men like to believe. But modern men don’t have to accept things the way they are. They should praise women for their efforts and promote them where they deserve to be on the basis of their hard work. Men can use their privileges in a personal and professional capacity to do something good for the betterment of women in society.

  • Women make the world a more beautiful place for everyone. They give us unconditional love, bear children, support the kids, and so much more. Men can use International Women’s Day platform as an opportunity to honor the women in their lives, be it their mother, sister, wife, lady boss, female friend, or girlfriend and celebrate the feminine energy in their lives Without whom their lives would be boring, devoid of joy, and meaningless.

  • Commemorating this day will make men aware of the discrimination that women have to face at home, workplace, marriage, and other walks of life. It will help them understand that women need to be treated with equality, deserve to listen to attentively, and should have equal rights and privileges as men in every area. They should be inspired, encouraged, and empowered that instills the much-needed confidence in them.

  • When it comes to complimenting women, men like to believe all women want is the appreciation for their looks, dressing style, and great hair. While the real story is entirely different. Women like more to be complimented for their intelligence, perseverance, courage, strength of character, and their ability to make big decisions. A day as great and influential as International Women’s Day aware men to compliment women for the person they are. They should be given liberty to make their own decisions without any sort of unnecessary pressure.

  • The sexist, demeaning, and stereotypical women joke that men enjoy more than anything need to be stopped. Men need to understand that the act of physical aggression against women in crises or extreme situations is not acceptable as a way to get rid of their anger. It not only makes your woman distant from you but also put all men under the bad picture.

On the most important day of International Women’s Day, all men must pledge to always respect women, irrespective of their age, strata or social status. Be very careful of your actions in front of women and never shy away to accept your mistakes and apologize for them.

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