5 Amazing Outdoor Activities for Kids’ Birthday Party

Are you planning a kid’s birthday party? Including fun outdoor activities for kids is a great way to have your little guests giggling until the party ends. Whether you are hosting the birthday party in your backyard or a local park, the fun outdoor games will be a hit with kids. It will allow them to run around, get crazy and be creative. We have rounded up some amazing outdoor birthday party activities that you can consider for your kid’s upcoming birthday celebration.

  • Fun Potato-sack Race

A fun, old-fashioned outdoor game that kids used to play all the time until video games became a trend. To play this game, have all kids step into their bags and pull the top edges up around their waist. Together, everyone must race to the finish line holding the sack up and jumping inside of the bag. Whoever crosses the line first, wins.

  • Pool Prize Search

A perfect outdoor activity for a summer kids’ birthday party that involves having fun in the water. For this activity, you need an inflatable pool filled with water. Hide a ring or other treasures on the bottom of the pool. Fill the pool with balls and other toys to cover the treasures hidden at the bottom of the pool. Ask kids to look for hidden treasure in the pool by only using their feet. The activity can be a bit challenging but kids would love to wade around the pool looking for the hidden treasure.

  • Egg & Spoon Race

For this super fun game, you need hard-boiled eggs or plastic eggs and spoons. To play the game, give each kid a spoon and egg and line them up side-by-side. The kids have to cross the finish line while balancing the egg on a spoon without actually dropping them. The player who crosses the finishing line first wins. The activity may sound hard but kids would totally enjoy doing it.

  • Water Balloon Toss

A competitive outdoor game where the participants have to take aim. To play this game, give each child a bucket filled with water balloons. Set out hula hoops on the ground and assign each a number of points. Let players take turns tossing the balloons in the hula hoops. The player who makes the most shots with the highest score wins.

  • Scavenger Hunt

The scavenger hunt begins with a list of things that the participants have to find within a limited time frame. For kids, you can use toys, candies, and chocolates as prizes. Give each player or a team of players a list of items that they need to search around. The player or team who finds everything on the list first or finds the most items before the given time wins. It is a fun activity that will add an element of competition and excitement to the birthday party or any other event.

These perfect outdoor party games will entertain kids and allow them to be involved in healthy physical activities.

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