5 Spectacular Fireworks Shows for UAE National Day

UAE is one fabulous place to travel on vacations. You can travel during UAE National Day celebrations to experience of the grandest celebrations of the country. The National Day is a day of immense pride for the citizens who celebrate it with gifts and revelry. 2nd December, 2017 marks the 46th National Day of UAE and calls for the grandest of celebrations.  The National Day of UAE is also known as ‘Al-Eid Al Watani’ and it is celebrated as the anniversary of the federal unification of the seven emirates that took place in 1971.

The UAE Government announces public holidays ahead of this National Day in December to mark the grandest celebrations in the country and the people of UAE gear up for breathtaking celebrations and amazing cultural events and this is also a wonderful time for the visitors in UAE to witness celebrations of the highest level of magnificence which go on for a week. Stately car rallies, breathtaking air shows, traditional dance and music shows and dazzling fireworks mark the revelry. The royal military processions are held with much splendor at the Abu Dhabi National Exhibition along with flag hoisting ceremonies in government and other offices. School children celebrate the National Day by carrying out celebrations and events and dress up in the traditional ‘thoub’ and ‘Kandoora’ and perform ‘Youlah’ the traditional folk dance of the country.

Sending gifts online like the ‘I Love UAE Mug’, ‘UAE Printed Cushion’ or the ‘National Day Delight’ bouquet of flowers in the national colours of the country is a wonderful way to share the patriotic cheer and root for your country with your friends and loved ones.

The National Day celebrations are all about patriotism and taking a day out from the usual grind to do something different. Dubai and Abu Dhabi are the places to be in, during this time to witness one of the most wonderful celebrations worldwide. There are never ending activities for the kids to take part in like painting, treasure hunt and raffle draw during these days to mark the formation of their country. The national holiday week is all decked up with celebrations which are full of glitz, glamour and opulence.

Here are five spectacular fireworks shows that you can plan to attend in Dubai on the grand occasion of the 46th UAE National Day, to be held this year.

Burj Khalifa – One of the most spectacular buildings in the world, the Burj Khalifa fireworks in Dubai is the biggest and most colourful display on the National Day every year. The world’s tallest building is also decked up in the national colours of UAE to mark this day.

La Mer – This is a newly inaugurated beach front spot in Jumeirah 1, which is a luxury seaside destination with 130 shops, restaurants and play areas for kids. La Mer hosts the first celebratory fireworks on December 1st starting at 9:30pm.

The Beach JBR – This is much admired by the residents and tourists alike who scramble to secure the best place for the best view of the glorious fireworks. The mesmerizing sight of the celebration fireworks is bound to bring much awe and excitement with their magnanimity.

Global Village – The most popular attraction of the United Arab Emirates, the Global Village sets up bi-weekly fireworks on Thursday and then Friday starting from 9 pm.

Dubai Festival City – Live entertainment and fly past jets followed by two back-to-back firework shows at 9 pm and 10:30 pm, make this place in Dubai one of the most sought after events on National Day.

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