7 Easy and Creative Cake Decoration Ideas

Cake decoration is an art. It makes plain cakes more visually attractive to mark a special occasion. We present here some creative cake decoration ideas that you can try at home to dress up a birthday or holiday cake. You would enjoy collaborating your ideas with the DIY cake decorating ideas given below. The final product would be truly satisfying and praiseworthy. Make it sparkle with edible glitter Make stripes on a cake with edible glitter. The rainbow dust edible glitter will make your cake sparkle brightly. Ice your cake in sugar paste and allow to firm. Paint edible glue all over the sides of the cake and sprinkle with glitter. And you’re good to go.

  • Decorate with edible flowers

Decorating a cake with edible flowers is quite easy. You need to gently press them into the cake just as they are. Either create confetti using small flowers or a big statement flower on top. You can also press flowers on sides of the cake to create a pattern. Refrigerate your flowers before using them for cake decoration.

  • Use fruity pebbles as a topping

It is one of the easiest cake decoration ideas that can be easily done at home with a handful of cereals. Once you have frosted the outside of the cake, coat the sides with fruity pebbles. Take some fruity pebbles in hand and press them into the side of the cake. The result will be pretty and tempting.

  • Sprinkle it up

Just bake a cake, frost it, decorate with sprinkles, and you’re good to go. You can gently place a cookies cutter on top of the cake. Pour in sprinkles to cover the frosting inside of the cookie cutter. Gently press the sprinkles so that they stick well and don’t spill out. Also, you can press sprinkles against the sides of the cake to make it look colourful.

  • Polka Dot Cake

The polka dot theme is quite popular when it comes to women. Be it a polka dot dress or a polka dot cake- they like all of them. Whether you are thinking to decorate a birthday cake or an anniversary cake– a colourful polka dot theme cake would get everybody’s attention. Either you can draw white polka dots on the sides of a chocolate cake or use sugar paste to make colourful polka dots for a vanilla icing cake.

  • Draw balloons on top

The cake topped with colourful balloons looks bright and beautiful. It is an easy cake decoration DIY idea for birthdays. Cover small wafer cookies with vanilla frost to turn them into fancy balloons and place them on top of the cake. The sky-blue frosting will help create a cloudlike backdrop.

  • Snowman cake with coconut frosting

It is an excellent cake decoration idea that you can enjoy with your loved ones during Christmas. Arrange two round cakes. Frost with vanilla frosting. Sprinkle with coconut and press gently so it sticks. Use black gumdrop to create nose and eyebrows, green gumdrop for eyes, and chocolate chip for buttons. Place chocolate cookies on each side of the head for earmuffs.

You can easily try these cake decoration ideas at home to surprise your friends and family on special occasions.

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