Celebrating Diwali in the UAE- Shop For These Items

The festival of Diwali is all about celebrating with your loved ones, exchanging gifts, and relishing sweets. It is a traditional festival celebrated by Indians with great fun and grandeur, no matter where they live. Due to the high population of Indians in the UAE, the festival is celebrated in the country with great pomp and show. The cracking fireworks display, decorated malls, array of sweet shops, and mega Diwali festivals all over the UAE let Indians celebrate this traditional festival on foreign land in a great manner.

With Diwali around the corner, you must have already started your shopping. In case you haven’t, read this blog to know the list of items that you can shop for Diwali in the UAE.

Lavish Home Décor Items

The decoration is an important part of the Diwali festival. You would definitely not want to lag behind when it comes to home decoration during Diwali. Ripe Market in Dubai, Souq al-Markazi in Sharjah, and Friday Market in Fujairah are some of the famous places to shop for home décor accessories, handicraft items, and artisan crafts. The lavish decor items will add grace to your abode and they will also make brilliant Diwali gift ideas for your friends and relatives.

Traditional Sweets

Diwali is a special occasion to savour tempting traditional sweets. Traditional sweets of Arab have been refined over the time that you must surely incorporate in your celebration along with Indian Diwali sweets. Luqaimat, Qatayef, Baklava, Basbousa, Maamoul, and Umm Ali are some of the famous sweets that you can purchase from shops or order online in the UAE to relish with your loved ones on Diwali.

Gold Jewelry

We all know that gold is purer and cheaper in Dubai and all across the UAE. During festivals, the sale of gold jewelry in the UAE increases drastically. Take the occasion of Diwali as an opportunity to shop for gold for yourself or to gift your family members and loved ones. Dubai Gold Souk, Gold Souk Abu Dhabi, and Deira Gold Souk are some of the best places that offer a variety of gold jewelry, be it traditional, modern, or extravagant. The extravagantly beautiful gold jewelry pieces in these markets will surely grab your attention and you won’t be able to stop yourself from overspending.

Decorated Diyas & Scented Candles

Diya is an essential element of the Diwali festival that symbolizes purity, goodness, and power. Lighting diyas and candles during Diwali spread the light of love and knowledge everywhere and eradicate the darkness of evil forces. The night market in Dubai and Dubai Mall are two best places to shop for well-decorated Diwali diyas and scented candles at affordable prices. Diyas will add an array of color to your home and scented candles will create a soothing environment. Together these items will make your home Diwali ready instantly.


Bursting firecrackers during Diwali enhances the pollution level that further increases the risk of respiratory diseases and infections. Keeping air-purifying plants at home or gifting them to your loved ones on Diwali is a great way to keep surroundings fresh and clean. The green beauties will not only add to their Diwali decorations but also absorb toxic chemicals present in the air and provide fresh oxygen to breathe. There are a number of plant shops and online plant website all over UAE from where you can order bright and beautiful plants for Diwali gifting.


In the UAE, Dubai is the perfect destination for perfume lovers, which are popularly known as attar in the Arab world. The Dubai Mall, Perfume Souk, and Ajmal Perfumes in Dubai are some of the best places that offer a wide range of attars with mesmerizing and long-lasting fragrances. Ranging from trendy to age-old fragrances, a wide variety of attars are available in appealing bottles and affordable prices. While browsing these perfume shops consider yourself in for fulfilling shopping experience. Also, attars would make excellent Diwali gift items to surprise your friends and family members.

Adding these items to your Diwali shopping list will add more flare to your celebrations.

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