All You Need to Know About Rose Color Meanings

All You Need to Know About Rose Color Meanings

Roses are storytellers. Every colour carries a personalised message that conveys much more than freshness. Giving roses on various occasions is a common age-old practice. They are characterised by different colours in regards to different situations. One should know the meaning of each rose colour and give them accordingly. In this blog, we have summarised the meaning of some of the most common rose colours. Read below to know more.

Red Rose

Red Roses

The classic and vibrant red roses represent love and romance. Red roses are perfect to surprise your significant other on any occasions like Valentine’s Day and anniversary.

Yellow Rose

Yellow Roses

Earlier, yellow roses were thought to express infidelity and jealousy. But, in modern time, yellow blooms symbolise friendship and bond.

Light Pink Rose

Light Pink Roses

The blush buds are an ideal pick to signify fun and happiness. In other cultures, light pink roses are a symbol of gentleness and considered the right choice for women.

Dark Pink Rose

Dark Pink Rose

A dark pink rose is perfect for conveying thanks to someone. They are a symbol of appreciation and praise. Dark pink or coral roses are also a good pick for a formal and professional relationship.

White Rose

White Roses

The soothing white colour of white roses denotes innocence and new beginnings. It is one of the most favourite picks for weddings and also an excellent bunch to show respect.

Orange Rose

orange roses

Orange roses symbolise deep desire, enthusiasm, and provoking energy towards someone. It is an excellent decor for a honeymoon suite or a romantic evening.

Burgundy Rose

Burgundy Roses

Burgundy Rose is another passionate choice that boasts of beauty. The rich wine shade signifies passion and deep affection.

Peach Rose

Peach Roses

Peach roses communicate modesty, gratitude, and sincerity. Sometimes, they are presented as thank you flowers. A bouquet of peach roses is also given to express sympathy.

Lavender Rose


Being a less common colour, a bunch of lavender roses is a blissful surprise that boasts of majesty, enchantment, and splendour. It is a good pick for your lady love.

Blue Rose

Blue Roses

Unlike other colours, a blue rose is rare to find. And hence, blue roses represent mystery, unattainable desires, and uniqueness. It can also be a special gift for that one-of-a-kind person in your life.

Yellow with Red Tip Roses

Yellow with Red Tip Roses

When the vibrancy of yellow roses meets the passion of red, they make up for unique yellow with red tip roses. These blooms are said to symbolise cheerfulness and joy.

Black Rose

Black Roses

In reality, black roses are super burgundy or deep purple, that gives them a darker shade. Just like their colour, black roses represent strong vibes, magic, goodbyes and death.

So, this was all about rose colour meanings that will help you to pick the right roses. Now, you can find the best roses online and get them delivered to your loved ones through online florists in just a few clicks.

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