Are You Wearing Too Much Perfume?

Scents are naturally powerful. The ability to attract people by fragrance and trigger senses is what makes them one of the favourites in our grooming kits. Understanding the power of each scent is very important. While you have fond memories attached to a fragrance, a little too much will lead to an overdose and ruin it all. Be it a men’s perfume or women’s perfume, applying even the most loved perfumes excessively can let you down.

Let’s know more about what happens when you wear excessive perfume.

What Happens When You Wear too Much Perfume?

If you are wearing too much perfume, it might be a turnoff for people who are allergic to strong smells. It might lead to various health problems like migraine, allergy and constant nose irritation. It can also lead to impaired breathing for allergic people in closed spaces. The reason for using scents is to attract people and not to drive them away. So, determining the correct procedure and amount of perfume to use is of great importance to leave your mark. The easiest and obvious way of judging that you are using too much perfume is by absorbing in the fragrance. If the smell feels like a weight on your brows, then it’s not a good sign.

Best Way to Apply a Perfume

Your perfume should not overpower the aura in a room. Make sure that your scent gives a slight whiff of fragrance to people around which makes it noticeable but not too strong at the same time. If you don’t want the fragrance to be an overpowering smell, then follow a limit of using a scent to balance it all.

  • If you are using a perfume with the highest fragrance concentration, then a dot on two pulse points is enough to make your mark.
  • If you are using a sweet and mellow fragrance, then a spritz on the side of your wrists and down the earlobe is enough to smell good throughout the day.
  • Another way of applying perfume is by spraying it a foot ahead and above the head. Walk into the fragrance and let the scent fall on you.

Remember to keep the scent light and undetectable from more than an arms-length from you. You can find the right perfume online and determine the ideal amount based on your preference. Experiment with a trusted friend on a light day to avoid a perfume malfunction later.

We understand that you love your scent and it smells heavenly in the bottle, but applying all of it at once will disbalance your charm and body chemistry. Whether it’s men’s perfume or women’s perfume, just a spritz or two is enough to woo anyone around.

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