#BalanceforBetter- How Can We Achieve It?

International Women’s Day is celebrated globally on 8th March every year to acknowledge and appreciate the efforts, achievements, and success of women worldwide. This day is commemorated to create awareness about supporting women’s rights and promoting their participation in social, political, and economic arenas.

The campaign theme for International Women’s Day 2019 is #BalanceforBetter that aims to strike a balance for women between work and personal life. A balanced world will not only create a better working world for women but, also provide them with several opportunities in different fields.

Here are some innovative ways in which gender balance can be achieved across the globe with collective actions and shared responsibilities.

Charity Begins At Home

Parents should adopt a flexible and balanced approach to raise their sons and daughters equally. Women should be allowed to make their professional decisions without any unnecessary pressure from family members. Because when parents stop their daughters from making a relevant career or life choice, it not only takes a hit on their confidence but also let them lose several opportunities that can make a world of difference. By treating women in the family equal to that of men, we can set the right example for kids so that this issue doesn’t prevail in the coming generations.

A Balanced Work Environment

Firstly, equal pay for equal work irrespective of gender. Because logically both genders put the equal amount of efforts and hard work to perform a similar task. So, why one gender should get paid less than the other. Female employees should get equal promotion opportunities, at higher designations similar to male employees. There should be better employment policies so that working mothers are not forced to choose between job and parenting, as women are considered primarily responsible for taking care of the entire family and kids. Employment standards should be the same for both genders to discourage discrimination against employees.

Share the Load

While throwing some light on the burning issue of gender equality, we have to acknowledge the fact that there are some daily domestic activities that only women are expected to perform like cooking, cleaning, laundry, etc. While men watch their favorite game on TV or spend time in the reading room. A house belongs to both men and women, therefore, the chores must be divided equally. By sharing the load, men can create a balanced approach for female members of the family. Which will also set the perfect example for the coming generations. Similarly, it is not just the responsibilities of men to go out shopping for groceries, carrying out bank tasks or paying bills. These activities should also be equally divided between men and women.

Women to Empower Other Women

Its women who know women better. Therefore, it is essential for women to start empowering other women. Because to achieve equal rights, it is important you treat one another as equals. Instead of me, it should be we. Women should help each other to rise and soar high in every arena. Like at home, mothers-in-law can support their daughters-in-law by taking care of home and kids, so that they can concentrate more on their career and social life. The female employees should always be ready to take ideas from female counterparts. They should never step back from acknowledging and appreciating their female co-workers that help create a balanced working environment.

Media Can Help Create Gender Balanced World

The use of social media should be made to impact people. Through documentaries and campaigns, media can promote equitable gender norms. The media can communicate with people through shows and articles on how to create a balanced world for women and avoid any sort of stereotype prevalent in our society. Dealing with topics related to women’s need and creating a balanced environment for them will bring these issues under light and grab suitable expressions and response from society. The objectification of women needs to be stopped in the media as much as showing them as the weaker sex. Men & women are like two sides of a coin who deserves to be treated equally and granted equal rights.

A balanced world for women is only possible with unbiased support and efforts from each and every one of us.

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