Common Mistakes People make with Succulents

Succulents are plants with unique shapes and features. They have fleshy leaves or stems, which help them store water for weeks or months. Succulent plants are often grown as ornamental plants and known for their ability to thrive with minimal care.

It is a misconception that succulents are easy to grow even if you forget about them. Succulents are tough houseplants for sure, but that doesn’t mean they can survive anything. They still need some succulent care and attention to look their best.

Here are some mistakes people make while growing succulents. Keep them healthy by avoiding these common succulent mistakes.

    • Keeping them in a poorly lit area

Dessert plants are exposed to hot sun all through the day. This kind of atmosphere is impossible to create at home. They are not used to shifting period of sun and shade that happen in homes. That’s why, when kept in a poorly lit area, succulents often lose their colour & start to stretch out their stems to find the light. Therefore, it is advised to keep indoor succulent plants at a south-facing window that receives sun for the longest time of the day.


    • Not watering enough

Succulents can indeed go weeks or even a month without water, but that doesn’t mean you never need to water them. If you let your succulents go multiple weeks without water, they might start to dry up and drop leaves. To make your succulents happy, try to imitate the rainfall patterns native to its home habitat. When you water succulents, make sure the pot is full. Soak the plant until the water comes out of the drainage hole.

    • Using standard potting soil

The standard potting soil mix that you use for common houseplants will not suit succulents. You need a dessert dweller mix for succulents, made by combining half potting soil with something inorganic. The well-drained, low-nutrient soil works best for most succulents.

    • Crowding succulents in one container

People often grow succulents in little pots. They might look adorable but do not survive for long if they are stuffed in a pot. They may get infected by insects or mold due to overcrowding. Avoid planting succulents with other plants that have different care needs. For long-term arrangement, consider a dish garden or a succulent terrarium. It will allow you to plant multiple succulents in one container while giving them enough space to grow.

    • Growing impractical varieties

It’s not easy to grow all kinds of succulents at home. No matter how pretty their flowers look, some succulent varieties are not easy to tame. So, it is advised to grow varieties that can happily thrive on a windowsill.

Keep these essential tips in mind to get your succulent beauties to thrive.

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