Things to Remember while Shopping with your Girlfriend

Things to Remember while Shopping with your Girlfriend

Does it happen a lot that your girlfriend drags you to her shopping trips? If yes, then you would know what it feels like waiting for hours outside the trial room or getting caught for saying wrong things when your opinion was asked for. And not to forget the burden of innumerable shopping bags. Well, what can we say? Girls love shopping.

But here, in this blog, we want to tell you about a few things that will help make shopping with your girlfriend a lot more fun.

    • Be Prepared

Carry a book, a game or a puzzle to kill boredom while your girl is busy shopping. Always wear comfortable footwear so that your feet do not hurt walking through shops in the mall. Stay hydrated. It will also keep your mind cool & relaxed.

    • Have an opinion

“Yes.” “No.” “It’s nice.” “It’s okay.” The monosyllabic answers are not enough. It would help if you were more specific about why you like the pink dress better than the purple one. She bought you shopping, which means she values your opinion & wants genuine feedback. Always say something convincing. Like, the dress that she tried on before looks better. Or that the top she’s wearing flatter her curves and arms better.

    • Pick something for her

Pick out stuff that your girlfriend might like and ask her to try it. It will show that you notice what she prefers and is eager to help. Your girlfriend would love and appreciate your interest.

    • Don’t be dramatic

The long sigh. Bored face. The impatient grunt. Don’t be dramatic to show how bored you are. Rather than your disinterest, it shows your immature behavior. Be as cheerful as possible. Your girl does a million things for you. A day’s shopping for her happiness is a little gesture to return the favour & reciprocate love.

    • Take breaks in between

Shopping an entire day can be unbearable for anyone. So if you start to feel a little impatient in the middle of the shopping, make a stop at the food court. Plan a movie break. Go bowling. It will bring in much-needed relief from the shopping spree. You can also plan an enjoyable event or a romantic date at the end of the day. It will mark a deadline for your girl so that she can wrap up shopping on time & look forward to spending quality time with you.

    • Focus on your lady

It’s possible that you can get lost in the beauty of pretty salesgirls, fragrance models or other attractive female shoppers in the mall. But try to keep your focus on your lady. Because even if she is busy choosing between the light & bright shade of lipstick colour, she is probably watching you from the corner of her eye. Try not to make the mistake of appreciating other female shoppers around.

    • Shop Along

Make good use of time and shop with her. While she’s busy browsing outfits and footwear in women section, you can explore the latest collection of fashion accessories at men section. You can also ask for her opinions while choosing a T-shirt or a hoodie. She would love that. It would make her feel that you value her opinion.

These tips will help you be the best shopping partner ever.

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