Diwali Celebration in Dubai Just Like You are Back Home

Diwali Celebration In Dubai

The festival of lights is all set to get our traditional mode on. Diwali celebrations in Dubai bring festive spirit to life. The high-celebratory activities around Diwali in Dubai makes this festival an extravagant cultural bonanza. The city is donned in popping lights and colourful Diwali decorations. Amidst all of this, missing home celebrations on Diwali is obvious. But, you can celebrate Diwali in Dubai with equal fervour. We’re here to give you some ideas on how to celebrate Diwali in Dubai just like you are back home.

The Usual Diwali To-do

Indian families decorate their homes with beautiful torans, sparkly lights, and colourful rangolis that give them traditional vibes on this festival. Indulge in feasting yummy Diwali food and sweets along with engaging in music, dance, and traditional clothing. For Diwali shopping, visit The Dubai Mall, Ibn Battuta Mall, Burjuman Mall, etc. You can get some good Diwali gift ideas by strolling around these places or check out online Diwali gifts in Dubai for easy shopping.

Diwali Mela at Al Seef

If you’re searching for Indian-vibing fun on Diwali, then Diwali Mela at Al Seef is where you should be. This Mela has everything that boasts of this traditional festival and Diwali tidbits that you might find back home. From decorative items, beautiful diyas, jewellery, traditional clothing to sweets and henna designs, Al Seef puts up an amazing show at this festival. Dance and music along with concerts by some famous Bollywood celebrities makes this Diwali Mela a hit every year. You can also find some unique Diwali gifts in Dubai in this Diwali Mela.

Community Gathering

With a handful of Indian families living in Dubai, community gatherings are a must on festivals like Diwali. The Indian communities make it a point to celebrate Diwali together just like everybody in India. Indian families gather all prepped up for the festival of the year and enjoy exchanging Diwali gifts and sweets. Places are decked up with beautiful decorations and people enjoy together by playing games, holding up music and dance performances, and indulging in various fun group activities.

Firework at Dubai Creek

Besides being one of the most famous tourist places in Dubai, Dubai Creek is also known for its firework show on Diwali. This place happens to be the lucky one where fireworks are allowed throughout the festival. It’s blissful to witness a beautiful Diwali fireworks display with your friends and family at Dubai Creek.

Celebrate with the Locals

Back in India, Diwali is all about celebrating, not just with family but with all the people around. Local people in Dubai are just as excited as Indians to welcome the festival of lights and happening activities. So, celebrate Diwali by including everybody in your Diwali preparations and make this festival an affair to remember for life.

From delicious spreads of Indian food to stunning fireworks, Diwali is not just a day’s festival but an exciting season in Dubai. Let us know how are you planning to celebrate Diwali 2020 in Dubai in the comments section below.

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