DIY Christmas Home Decor Ideas

Christmas is the time to give a festive makeover to home with colors, glitters, and twinkle lights. As soon as the season of the holiday arrives, people get busy shopping for Christmas home decor items to adorn their homes and bring in the festive cheer. What if we say that you don’t need to spend a lot of money to transform your abode into a decked up holiday home? Yes, we bring to you some inspiring DIY Christmas home décor ideas that will allow you to get creative and add holiday feels to your interiors.

  • Hanging Star Ornaments

With the help of colored chart paper and cardboard, you can easily create gorgeous hanging star ornaments at home. Cut the cardboard in the shape of stars and wrap them with bright colored chart paper. You can paste decorative stones on prepared stars so that they shine brightly in the light.

  • Christmas Ornament Wreath

Christmas wreaths are an important symbol of the festive season. Take a copper wreath ring and secure tightly with foliage, faux berries, and Christmas flowers. Attach colorful ornaments to the wreath, such as bells, glittery balls, ribbons, and stars. It will make an eye-catching door decoration for your home and give a warm welcome to everyone.

  • Create a Christmas Tier

Create a Christmas Tier

Take an old-fashioned tiered cake stand. Paint it in white color to give it a new look. Put candies, Christmas cake, cupcakes, cookies, greens, and keepsakes layered on the cake stand. Stick to the color theme of red, white, and green to make this festive piece of décor look more attractive.

  • Cinnamon Stick Candle

Take a large pillar candle, a bundle of cinnamon sticks, ribbon, and a hot glue gun. Put some hot glue on a cinnamon stick and place it on the candle. Repeat the process till you’ve placed the cinnamon sticks all the way around. Tie ribbon around it to make sure everything is in place. The spicy smell of cinnamon will fill your house with festive vibes.

  • Craft a Wood Banner

Take some wood slices and drill holes at the top, center of each of them. Add letters to the wood slices with printed texts and images that spell out a holiday saying, such as Joy or Merry Christmas. Tie each wood slice onto a piece of twine to make a banner. You can hang it on a door or window to give a warm welcome to guests. It can also be used as a colorful ornament for Christmas gifts and Christmas hampers.

  • Make Glittery Mason Jar Lanterns

Take clean, empty glass jars and apply clear glue to the inside. Sprinkle glitter on wet glue using a spoon. Roll jar around to coat all of the glued areas. Leave the glue to dry. When the mason jars are ready to use, insert candles and light. The glittering mason jars will fill your house with the light of happiness and positivity.

  • Popsicle Stick Snowflakes

Take some Popsicle sticks and lay them out in different snowflake designs. Put hot glue to join the ends of the popsicles and wait for them to dry. Once dried, spray paint them in white, golden, and silver color. You can simply arrange the Popsicle stick snowflakes on walls to create a snowy scene and bring in Christmas vibes.

These DIY home décor ideas would also make excellent Christmas gift ideas for her and him and put a big smile on your loved one’s faces.

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