Fantastic Ways to Plan an Office Christmas Party

A famous quote by Edna Ferner says, “Christmas isn’t a season. It’s a feeling.

The season of Christmas brings along the feeling of fun and excitement that everyone loves to share with their friends, family members, and loved ones. The fun-filled parties are the main attractions of the Xmas that help people get closer to their dear ones and create wonderful memories. If you are assigned the task of hosting an office Christmas party for your team, then here are some useful suggestions for you.

Where do you want to host the party? A decision which majorly depends on the budget and the number of people attending the party. If the budget allows, then you can plan the Xmas party at a fancy place. If the budget is a constraint and hiring space is not an option, then plan the party in the office itself.

  • Fix a Date

You should plan the party before the Christmas holidays begin so that everyone in the office can be a part of it. Discuss with your boss and colleagues and zero down a date that works fine for everyone.

  • Set up a Theme for Christmas Party

A theme would bring your celebration to life. Make sure you choose the Christmasy party theme which is unique, creative, and liked by everyone. It will create a buzz and get everyone excited for the office Xmas party. Based on the chosen theme, you can opt for venue decoration ideas and props and ask guests to show up in costumes based on a similar theme. Furthermore, you can decorate the venue with Christmas flowers and make it a floral affair!

  • Send the Invite

After the venue and date are decided and the theme is picked, it is the right time to invite the guests. Either create a ‘Save the Date’ mail or make a Whatsapp group to invite colleagues or teammates and update them with the necessary details. Do let people know if their partners are invited or not.

  • Decide the Party Activities

Choose what games to play during the Christmas party. Do you want to hire a band? What kind of holiday music to opt for? Do you want to arrange a stand-up comedy act to entertain people during the party? All this needs to be decided and planned properly to make it memorable for everyone.

  • Divide Tasks

Once the activities are planned, you can delegate each set of tasks to a different set of people. From Christmas tree decoration to games and food to drinks, each department should be handed over to dedicated people who can handle the given responsibilities properly.

  • Decide On the Food & Beverages

The choice of catering and beverage can break or make any party. Keep in mind the food requirements of all the people like vegetarians, non-vegetarians or if someone is allergic to a particular food item. There should be a variety of drinks ranging from cocktails to mocktails. Don’t forget soft drinks and water for people who don’t drink alcohol.

  • Don’t Forget Return Gifts

Return gifts are the best memories that you can offer colleagues or office people after the Xmas party is over. The return Chistmas gifts are a token of love and gratitude that will stay with them forever. You can look online for corporate gift suppliers in Dubai to order presents in bulk quantity and offer to the invited guests after the party.

These essential tips will help you plan a fun-filled and memorable Christmas office party.

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