Gift Ideas That’ll Make Your Dad Say, ‘I Wanted this Only’

Chances are, whenever you may have asked your dad what he wants for Father’s Day, the answer would have been ‘nothing’ even after several attempts. However, as much as he denies the concept of giving gifts and stuff, he secretly enjoys receiving them. And TBH, fathers are easy to please. With Father’s Day right around the corner, send your pops all the love and appreciation with the listed foolproof, all-rounder and thoughtful Father’s Day gifts. These ideas are sure to be a hit, put a big smile on his face and make you his favourite child.

Handheld Massager/Massage Gun

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Between long tiring days at work, playing with kids and working out, a dad is always on the go. And not to mention the day-to-day stress, long travel and physical aches! Therefore, he will be surprised to receive a massager gun as a Father’s Day gift. It will relieve him of all his pain points and heave a sigh of relief.

All-in-One Multipurpose Tool

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He can fix the broken bulb. He fixes the leaking tap. He knows how to assemble the newly-arrived drawers and cabinets. Altogether, he is a man who could do anything. However, he constantly has to move from one place to another to get tools which can get inconvenient at times. Therefore, an all-in-one multipurpose tool will help him get the work done more quickly, hassle-free and comfortably. It is sure to come in handy for those minor quick fixes around the house. It will be a heavy-duty, versatile and meaningful gift for him.

Experiential Gifts

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There’s something special about gifting experiences, right? This Father’s Day, get his heart pounding and gift him something that doesn’t come in a box. From taking him out for a movie to a personalised celebrity video message and from taking him on a bike tour to checking off his bucket list – get his spirits soaring and leave an unforgettable smile on his face with these experiential gifts.

Engraved Barware/Glassware

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There would hardly be a dad who doesn’t enjoy his occasional drink time. Therefore, on the occasion of Father’s Day, gift him a set of barware that comprises an eclectic collection of custom mugs, flasks, bottle opener, coasters and other bar collections. Take this gift up a notch further by getting it personalised with his name, monogram or a thoughtful message. Also, there are tons of other personalised gifts such as a customised pen, journal, plant and photo frames that you can gift your dad.

Polaroid Camera

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Remember when your father would come almost near the stage just to capture your performance and he could not care less about the audience behind. No matter whether he is a professional or an amateur, he will always be your personal photographer. With that said, gift him a Polaroid that is a compact camera and will let him capture & hold moments in an instant.

Name a Star

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Make your Father’s Day gift shine bright by naming a star after your superstar. The gift will be thoughtful, meaningful and definitely one of the best presents you can ever give him. You can then frame this star so that it not only holds a special place in his heart but also on his desk/wall.

Gift a Plant

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What better way to please someone’s eyes and soothe the nerves than by gifting a plant? After all, a plant significantly benefits all living beings. Have your gift create a greener and better world by gifting a flowering plant. You two then can bond more whilst caring and maintaining it from time to time. It will give him forever company and happiness.

So, go ahead and make Father’s Day a fun day for your dad! Even if your dad is someone who seems to own everything, all of the listed Father’s Day gifts will make him say, ‘Thank you. I needed this.’

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