Make Father’s Day a Fun Day for Your Dad

Once a funny man said, “Fatherhood is all about pretending neckties are the best gifts you ever received.” and we had a serious laugh. 

Father’s Day is on 21st June, and everybody is searching for ways to make it special already. While you’re on the right track with your gift search (if it’s not a necktie), understand that there’s more to Father’s Day than just giving a gift. It is a day to appreciate, be grateful, and celebrate the quirks of your dad. So, spice up your celebration tricks and make this occasion lively and memorable for your father by planning a day full of entertaining activities.

We have come up with a list of activities to make Father’s Day a fun day for your dad. 

  • Make it a ‘Hobby Day’

Make it a 'Hobby Day'

Every dad is full of surprises, and all they need is a little push to get started. In the daily facade of work and chores, your dad barely gets time to work on his passion or enjoy his favourite hobbies. Learn more about his hobbies and the things that make him happy and make Father’s Day a hobby day for both of you. It will make him feel nostalgic and celebrated.

  • Bake for Him!

If your dad is a self-proclaimed foodie, then there’s nothing better than cooking him a wholesome meal with his favourite dishes on the platter. Get his tummy growling by baking his most loved dishes on Father’s Day and show your love through delicious food. 

  • Organise Video Game Championship

Make it a 'Hobby Day'

If your dad is all set to laze around anywhere, anytime, then a video game championship with lots of pizza is all he needs for some fun. Stir up his competitive spirit by organising a video game championship for him and other dads at your place and watch him go crazy. 

  • Adore Him with Gifts

You often find him hiding surprises for the family members, making everyone feel special. This Father’s Day, adore your dad with some cool and quirky gifts based on his personality and likes. Find the best Father’s Day gifts online and watch his face light up with glee. 

  • Take Him Out for a Spa Retreat


There’s always a list of endless chores for the super dads waiting to be done. And amidst all this, he gets really tired. So, why not treat him to a spa retreat and let him relax with a rejuvenating massage on Father’s Day. And while he is enjoying the pampering, you can take up his chores and spoil him some more. 

Lastly, the most special feeling for your dad is spending quality time with him. Be it any activity or just watching a movie or two together, you can make it a fun day for your dad with your presence and some extra efforts. How are you planning to celebrate Father’s Day? Let us know in the comments section below. 

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