7 Special Ways to Wish Happy Father’s Day

Dads are most ordinary men turned by love into heroes, adventurers, storytellers, and singers of song.
– Pam Brown

Remember when your dad took out time from his tight work schedules to attend your Sports Day and annual functions in school & college? Remember how he let go of his favourite team game to teach you how to ride a bike? Also, when you started off on your own, he taught you the basic life skills including (money management and time management)? Since he had all the time in the world for you, whenever you needed it, you could at least take out some for him on Father’s Day! While you can always surprise your pops with thoughtful gifts for him, nothing beats the quality time spent. After all, it’s the little things that count. If you are short on ways to make Father’s Day a memorable one, here are a few ways that will add zing to the occasion. Take a look!

Breakfast for the Champ

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Kick-off the day with a special breakfast, consisting of his favourite cheeseboxes dishes and juice/coffee. To give it a personal touch, prepare it yourself without taking any help (mum’s help is allowed though). Finish it off with a hand-addressed note for him.

Walk Down a Memory Lane

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Open up your almirah/closet, dust off those albums, CDs and cassettes containing the old photographs/videos and send him on a trip to nostalgia. Have a box of popcorn and tissues ready by your side!

Go on a Dessert Date

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If you and your dad has got a sweet tooth and share mutual, die-hard love for desserts, take him out for a sweet dessert date. Just head out to a local ice-cream shop and have fun bonding over scoops of chocolate chips and mango vanilla. You may also treat him with the best Father’s Day cake and cupcakes that will swoon your papa like never before.

Wash His Car/Bike

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As a kid, helping dad wash the car was fun, while playing with bubbles and cooling off using the water hose on a really hot day. Now that you are grown up with such fond memories, on the occasion of Father’s Day, redoing the activity could be a great chance to spend quality time with him.

Dedicate an Artwork or Poem/Song

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Nothing beats a handmade and dedicated piece of art. Period! It will make your dad smile wide and his eyes shine with love. You can go for either – painting, writing a poem or recording a special song for him. This heartwarming dedication will surely make him feel over the moon.

Roll a Customised Playlist for Him

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Our dad’s love for classic, timeless music is not unknown. On that note, transport him back into time by preparing a customised playlist filled with his favourite songs of all time. Not only will it be a unique way to wish him a happy Father’s Day but will also give you two a great bonding time.

Do Whatever He Likes

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Other than surprising him with special gifts for Dad, do what he loves the best: fishing, cycling, BBQing, wine tasting, watching movies, kite flying, camping, a spa session, etc. This way, you can celebrate him while building new memories.

Other than these, you can go to an arcade, build a fort, rent a boat, go to the beach, take a road trip and plant a tree. All these ways to wish Happy Father’s Day will say ‘I love you Dad’ without actually saying it.

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