How Different Zodiac Signs Express Love

Love is all we need! Expressing feelings is a baffling task, and each zodiac does it uniquely. If you have got a crush or are dating someone and are trying to figure out what they feel for you, then you are in luck today! Our relationship and astrology experts have curated a guide about how different zodiac signs express love. Our guide will be your confidant in matters of love!


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Cross my heart, hope to die, to their love Aries never lie. An Aries is all passionate in love and is the one who can’t hide his/her love for anyone. The Rams will never keep you in doubt and will express that they love you and will shower you with hugs and kisses.


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A Taurus is serious about their relationships and food. It’s hard for them to express their feelings. If they are smitten by you, they will drop hints, take care of you, and take you out for gorging on their favourite food.


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Geminis are the most caring zodiacs. They will be with you through thick and thin. Your happiness will mean everything to them, and you will be the centre of their universe. Geminis will cook meals for you and do everything that makes you happy.


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Cancerians need a friend in their lover. This zodiac sign will be your best friend and will listen to all your problems. They will remember the little things that you tell them and will pamper you with a lot of hugs. When the Cancerians start opening up to you, then they are surely in love with you!


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Leos are dominating and quite expressive. If Leos are in deep love with you, they will say it aloud. If not, then their actions will say so. You will already feel that you are together as Leos are confident that this will happen eventually.


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Virgos in love will leave no stone unturned for you. Your wish is their command, and they can drive miles to be with you. They may not say the three words, but they will come at 3 am in the night and take you out for your favourite dessert that you are craving for.


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Librans are emotionally vulnerable, and so they won’t express it easily. They will bewitch you and make you fall in love with them. You will get all their attention, and they will waste no chance of impressing you.


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If a Scorpion is crazy about you, then your needs will always come first. They will make all the arrangements and make you feel at home. Get ready for a lot of hugs and public display of affection.


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Sagittarians won’t fall in love easily, and freedom is everything for them. If they are in love with you, then they will accept it with grace and make you their world. They don’t believe in hiding their love, and you will receive all of it.


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Capricorns don’t trust people easily, and they take time in falling in love. You won’t receive any affection in the beginning, but as gradually they will start warming up. If your Capricorn crush is all affectionate, then he surely loves you!


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The carefree zodiac, Aquarius will be all flirty and will leave no chance to hold you close. Get ready for a lot of cuddling as they are smitten by you.


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Pisces is the most romantic zodiac sign. When in love, they will dedicate poems, and songs to you. They will compliment you and will express their love in front of everyone.

Hit by the love-me or love-me-not question? Our how different zodiac signs express love guide has got the answer for you.

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