How to Decorate Flowers Beyond the Vase?

How to Decorate Flowers Beyond the Vase?

Once a wise man said, “Flowers are like friends; they add color to your world” and we couldn’t agree more. 

Adding flowers to your home decor brings along a wave of freshness and positivity with a splurge of colours. But, when it comes to decorating, we usually picture flowers in a stylish vase, set in some corner of our house. It’s time to pull the gorgeous bunch out of that fancy flower pot and spruce up your place with flower decoration beyond the vase. We have come up with a list of vase decoration alternatives for adding flowers seamlessly around the house. With these quirky and approachable vase alternatives, you will never run out of decoration vessels in your home. 

  • The Classic Teapot Style

The Classic Teapot Style

Old china pots with a crack or chip can be a quirky addition to your home decor. Add a small flower arrangement to the teapot and enjoy decorating flowers with a vintage look. It is a perfect alternative for dinner table vases.

  • Hang the Bulby Blooms

Hang the Bulby Blooms

Looking for a glassy alternative to hang flowers? Go for bulbs. Empty a transparent glass bulb and add a small and short bunch of fresh flowers to it. Attach a string to the brim, and your hanging vase is all set to wow everyone.

  • Peppy Mason Jar Corners

Peppy Mason Jar Corners

If you are looking for something that subtly settles in any corner of your house, then a mason jar can be your next alternative. Be it a kitchen cupboard or side table, flowers in a mason jar will seamlessly blend in the decor without taking much space. 

  • Mini Egg Shell Floret

Mini Egg Shell Floret

Another delicate flower decoration idea is using eggshells. Cut the stem of the flower from sepal and decorate blooms in eggshells. Though the process is delicate and time-consuming, it is an eco-friendly method and perfect for blossoming your kitchen windows and table.

  • Minimalistic Tin Can Vase

Minimalistic Tin Can Vase

Is your garage cluttered up with empty tin cans? It’s time to clean them up and use them for decorating your doorway with flowers. It is a cheap and durable flower decoration trick to ramp up your garden furniture.

  • Bottle’em Up

glass bottles as planters flower arrangements

All of us have used glass bottles as planters. Using the same bottles instead of a vase can be a sleek masterpiece for your drawing room, study table, bed room and work desk.

  • Rustic Antique Boxes

Rustic Antique Boxes

Replace the stylish vases with old and rustic antique boxes to give a unique look to the flowers. It will help you reuse the old antique boxes and can be your next go-to doorway flowers decoration idea. 

These were some easy flower decoration ideas to replace typical vases. Explore your house and find out more such ideas to decorate flowers beyond the vase. 

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