10 Tips to Build a Strong Father-Son Relationship

10 Tips to Build a Strong Father-Son Relationship

The relationship between a father and son can be tricky. We understand that you both share DNA’s, but that’s not enough!  A father-son relationship can be worked upon by adapting to some behavioural changes. We have listed down 10 tips for every son to build a strong relationship with his father.

  • Indulge in physical activity together

father son Indulge in physical activity

Be it working out, going for a jog in the morning or night walk, indulging in physical activity in the company of your dad on a routine basis will make him feel assured that you’re keeping well. It will give you both time to focus on each other and engage in energetic vibes together.

  • Listening is the key!

Listening is the key

Many times your dad asks you about your day, listens to your stories and tries getting along. You can also initiate conversations and ask him about his work. Listen to him carefully and understand when he is trying to make a point.

  • Include him in your plans

Include him in your plans

Be it an adventurous trip or shopping spree, include your dad in your plans. Just because he is away due to professional commitments, he shouldn’t feel left out when it comes to having family time. Making plans with your dad will help you build a healthy bonding with him over different activities.

  • Trips down the memory lane

Trips down the memory lane

Revisiting old memories once in a while can work wonders to revive the relationship. Dip in the old memories by taking out that childhood album and sharing some funny stories. Ask your dad about his childhood and get ready to explore baggage full of memories with him.

  • Don’t force conversations

Don't force conversations

Conversations in a flow help two people engage without any force or obligation. If you and your father are not ready to converse at a certain time, it’s better not to force one. Engage in casual conversation as and when it happens. 

  • Make the ‘talk’ easier for him

Make the 'talk' easier for him

Witnessing physical, emotional, and mental changes with growth is a natural process. So, when your dad tries to do the ‘talk’ with you, don’t get awkward about the situation. Your father has been through this age, and he wants you to understand that it’s normal. Be open to such situations, and don’t make it uncomfortable for your dad.

  • Introduce him to your world

Introduce him to your world

Your father is always searching for ways to understand your world and bridge the gap between generations. So, why not make him learn that new game you’ve downloaded or try some cool filters with him. It will strengthen your relationship in a fun and light way. 

  • Work on common interests

Work on common interests 

Common interests bring along a lot of conversations and excitement to do something together. Building a common interest with your father can go a long way for you two. 

  • Tell him what you like

Appreciate your dad for all that he does!

Expectations of parents are often stated clearly in different scenarios of life. But, expressing what you like in the right way is also important. Talk to your parents about what you want in life, and make them understand your point of view calmly. Being rebellious about your desires will create a gap in understanding.

  • Appreciate your dad for all that he does!

Appreciate your dad for all that he does!

No matter how much you fight with your dad, he still gives you the best of everything. So, little appreciation can work wonders. Say thanks to your dad and give him a tight hug once in a while. Make occasions like his birthday and Father’s Day extra special for him by giving gifts and acknowledging his efforts. 

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