How to Enliven a Christmas Party in the UAE

Christmas is the joyous time of the year when family and friends come together and thank almighty for the good things they have. The warmth of dear one’s love in the chilling winters of December makes the Xmas celebrations even more special. But how can you possibly make Christmas celebrations memorable in the UAE where there is no sign of cold even in December? Well, a perfectly planned Christmas-themed party will let you enjoy the most and spread happiness everywhere.

Choose Winter Theme for the Party

Choose winter as your Christmas party theme. Incorporate elegant and sophisticated wooden accents. A fireplace will make the theme more prominent. The fake snow-covered Christmas tree, benches, and light posts will make the décor look more classy and glitzy.

Decorate the House with X-MAS Symbols

Decorating the house with Xmas symbols is one of the best ways to bring in festive cheer and make it party-ready. The Christmas wreath, bells, holly, candy cane, Christmas gifts, Santa Claus, Christmas flowers, and stars are some of the famous Xmas symbols you can use to add festive charm to your home décor while prepping up for the Christmas party.

Red & White Dress Code

What do I wear to a party? This is the question that bothers people the most while getting ready for any party. Help your guests come out of the confusion. Keep a red and white dress code for the party. Everyone dressed in red and white attire will fit well with the theme of the party and make it even more interesting.

Christmas Themed Dinner

There are countless Christmas-themed dinner menu ideas that are easy to cook and serve your guests. Lemon-rosemary roasted turkey, glazed sweet potatoes, roasted maple pears, tangy cranberry meatballs, pineapple glazed ham, pomegranate and cranberry bruschetta, vegetable lasagne and strawberry Santas are some dishes and desserts that you can try and make for a Christmas party to cater the taste buds of your guests.

Serve Traditional Christmas Cake

A Christmas party can never be considered complete without a traditional Christmas cake. You can bake the cake at home or order online to serve your guests and impress them. The heavenly taste of the cake will add a flavour to the party. While relishing the cake, people will get to gel with other guests at the party that will allow them to enjoy more.

Christmas-Themed Photo Booth

Photographs are like a time machine that takes people back to the wonderful moments of life. And trust me, neither you nor the guests would want to miss a single happening moment at the party. Have a Christmas-themed Instagram style photo booth along with relevant props where people can get clicked with their friends and loved ones and later post their pictures on social media platforms.

Get Ready With Your Christmas Music List

What’s a Christmas party without good music? Make a list of all-time super hit Christmas songs and get fully into the festival spirit. The groovy music will surely get everyone on the dance floor and make them feel really festive.

Don’t forget to say goodbye to your guests with delightful Christmas hampers as a memorable token of love.

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