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      Flower Meanings

      Symbolism and Meaning of Common Flowers Befitting specific Occasions

      As our names have some meaning, so does the names of the flowers. Each and every flower has some specialty and are meant for various occasions. Celebration gets altogether a different meaning with flowers. Flowers are God?s own way of smiling at us saying ?HE CARES?. HE has gifted us with so many vibrant and fragrant flowers like carnations, daffodil, dahlia, marigold, daisy, lilac, heather, etc. As we have a certain dialect or language through which we emote out our feelings to each other, flowers also speak through their petals, colors, and incense.

      Some flowers are symbol of deep love, while some mean balance, some are symbols of good luck, while some refer to spirituality. Flowers are an intrinsic part of our life and we cannot live without them. To express best wishes to our near and dear ones we send them flowers. It helps us start a new friendship and also renew lost friendship. To commemorate long friendship we also have flowers like Zinnia, Sunflower, or Roses that are gifted in the friend circle.

      Why do we need flowers to express our love towards our loved ones? It?s because love is a phenomenon that not only requires words to be expressed but also some unspoken words in silence to be complete the emotions. Words are necessary to emote out the feelings of our heart but there always remains some unsaid and implicit verses that can be best voiced through flowers.

      Love has various shades and we all are in love with different people at various stages of our lives. But our education of love begins right at home. Home is the place where we learn to love without any terms and conditions. And carnation flowers are a sign of unconditional motherly love. Legends say that the birth of carnations was when a mother was crying for her child. Love is a strange thing: it makes you laugh like mad, it makes you smile charmingly, it makes you cry like a baby, it makes you regret your past, and it also makes you feel special.

      All our pigments of love and life would have lost value if there were no flowers. They form a bridge between our emotions and loved ones. Flowers teaches us love and therefore each one of us should pledge to take care of them, plant them, and shade them. Meaning of different flowers are different but all of them say one single thing in unity and that is: learn to love more and more.


      Carnations are scientifically known as Dianthus caryophyllus. They are also known as ?flower of love? or ?flower of the gods? and have been treasured for centuries. They have a ruffled appearance and a sweet fragrance. They are apt to be given on someone?s first wedding anniversary.Read More


      Daffodils, also known as Narcissus, are popularly presented on the 10th anniversary of a couple. In general, they convey respect for someone. They shine light hearted energy and spread cheer all around. Daffodils were a favourite of the Greeks and the Romans, but they got famous through a poem named a same by William Wordsworth. Read More


      Dahlias were declared the national flower of Mexico in the year 1963. They are beautiful flowers which are great to be gifted on someone?s 14th wedding anniversary. This is one of the most popular flowering plant of summer. Revered for its beauty,Read More


      Daisy, also referred to as Bellisperennis, signify the floral arrangement of one?s 5th wedding anniversary. Daisies open up in the day and close up at night, which is why they are also known as ?Day?s eye?. Radiant daisies exemplify cheerfulness Read More


      Heather flowers are scientifically known as Calluna vulgaris. They are known for their easy cultivation, even in the hardest of areas. With its soft velvety flowers, heather becomes the perfect way to convey a message of admiration and protection. Read More


      Hyacinths are flowers dedicated to Apollo, the Greek god of the Sun, who is also considered as the patron of the arts. They represent a number of different things according to their colour. Because of the different meaning of hyacinth, Read More


      Lilacs, also known as Syringa, are frequently considered a harbinger of spring. These spring flowers come in many colour variants, each having different meaning. These flowers are great to gift on someone?s 8th anniversary. Read More


      Great to be gifted on a couple?s the 30th anniversary, lilies, also known as Lilium, are the charming flowers that correspond to the emotions of beauty and purity. Lilies were loved by the Greeks as they believed they had sprouted from the milk of Hera, the queen of gods and wife of Zeus. Read More


      Scientifically called Nelumbonucifera and in India referred to as the Scared lotus, these flowers are associated with Lord Buddha. Lotus is the national flower of India and Vietnam. Each lotus colour preaches a different message. Read More


      Marigold, known as Genda in Hindi, is the most used flower at weddings in India. They are believed to be the flowers that were used by Lord Rama and hence are known to be auspicious. The colours yellow and orange of the marigold represent the beauty and warmth of the rising sun. Read More


      The fragrant flowers also known as ?Orchidaceae?, are representative of refined love and a Beautiful lady. Orchids are a symbol of the exotic beauty symbolizing refinement, thoughtfulness and mature charm. It also symbolizes glorious femininity, making it the best Woman?s Day gift. Read More


      Traditional floral symbol of China, they are flowers to be given on a couple?s 12th anniversary. They are one of the most popular wedding flowers because of their beautiful lush petals representing perfect greeting for a happy marriage and wish for prosperity of the recipient.Read More


      Poppy is a symbol of Morpheus, the Greek god of dreams. The 9th wedding anniversary flowers, they have been symbolic of imagination, making them the best gift to give to people in creative line of work.Read More


      Known as ?tuberose? flower in English, these flowers, in all countries and languages means only one thing - Scent of the night. Given this name because of its seducing aroma, these flowers are widely used in wedding arrangements and home d�cor. Read More


      Alluding to its floral colours, ?rhododendron? means rose or red tree. Blooming in white and beautiful shades of pink, red, purple, orange and yellow, the bell-shaped rhododendron flowers belie what grows beneath---leaves proven to be poisonous. Read More


      Symbolizing confidentiality, love and passion for the most important person in your life, these flowers have been long associated with love. The various colour of roses are linked with different emotions. They are given on the 15th wedding anniversary. Read More


      Sunflowers are known the world around as one of the most joyous and flamboyant flowers. They are bright and cheery, and as warm and inviting as the sweet summer sun. As these flowers are loyal to the sun, turning to face the sun wherever it rises, the meaning of sunflowers is also same - loyalty. Read More


      Tulips are one of the most admired and beloved flowers the world around. It actually got its name from a Turkish word which means muslin and gauze. The tulip's leaf is strap-shaped with a waxy coating. In general, Tulips are symbolic of fame and perfect love. Read More


      Given on the 50th anniversary of a couple, these flowers replicate the feeling of faithfulness and modesty. Also known as ?Viola?, these flowers typically have heart-shaped and scalloped leaves, and are linked with love. In Christianity, violet has been with Virgin Mary?s humility. Read More


      Usually gifted when your friend is not around, these flowers in general represent the emotion of missing an absent friend. These are popular garden flowers as they can withstand hot temperature and reseed themselves every year. They come in just about any colour other than the colour blue. Read More