Unique Christmas Cake Designs

On the occasion of Christmas, it is delightful to send Christmas gifts to your family and friends and even bake cakes and pudding for them. The tradition of baking cakes for Christmas was first started by the English with their Christmas pudding. Christmas cakes not only give an aura of festivity but it is also a delight to children.

Here are some unique cake designs that might help you to make this Christmas special for your loved ones.

Winter Woodland

Winter Woodland Christmas Cake

When you are looking for a unique design, the Winter Woodland would be a gem to you. Diverting from the tradition of red and green Christmas colors, it has a fondant cake. With the various designs of trees it makes for an adventurous journey through the winter woodland of your imagination. Make the designs of various animals including deer and bears with mushrooms and sprayed pine cones to make it more real. No matter what, this cake will bring a lot of cheer to your family.

Ginger Man Cake

Being a traditional symbol, Ginger men would be a great option to make your cake unique. Baking this ginger men cake is not very tough though. At first make the ginger men out of readymade or baked cookies and then stick them on the cake. You can stick multiple small gingerbread men on the border of the cake or you can only stick comparatively bigger ones on the center. If you have kids at your home, then this cake would surely make them very happy.

Chocolate Christmas Tree Cake

Chocolate Christmas Tree cake

When you are a fan of chocolate, then you just cannot go without a Christmas cake made of chocolate. You can make this cake with white and brown chocolate. The top of the cake will have multiple edible tree designs which give it a unique and at the same time delicious look. This beautiful cake, when served on Christmas evening, will be just the thing to complete your Christmas celebration. Decorating and eating this cake both create immense happiness.

Santa Claus Cake

Santa Claus Cake for Christmas

Bring the Christmas guest with your cake by making a design of him on the top. It would be lovely to depict the Santa Claus on the top of the cake to spread Santa's love among your loved ones. When your children's most loved person would appear through this cake, it would bring the greatest happiness and excitement to them. You can cut out Santa's face on the fondant top. There are numerous designs of Santa Claus. Find the most attractive ones and present it to your family on the Christmas evening.

Snowflake Cake

Snowflake Cake on Christmas

Best for the beginners, this cake is very simple to cook in the oven, with a white layer and on the top there would be snowflakes. These snowflakes can be made of readymade biscuits with different colors. A shade of blue and a glittering touch make the snowflake cake really attractive for both kids and grownups alike.