11 Signs That You’ve Entered Fatherhood

Crossing over from a man to a dad is not a smooth journey, but it is undoubtedly amusing.

As soon as a baby is born, the world realises that you’ve become a father. But, it takes time to enter the zone of fatherhood mentally and emotionally and realise that this is it. 

This blog is for all the men who got transported into the Dad Zone! If you’re confused about the reality of fatherhood, then watch out for these signs and make peace with your exclusive role.

1. You don’t get annoyed by baby toys, everywhere

As you take the next step, you hear the squeaky sound of toys or something slippery under your feet. But that doesn’t annoy you anymore.

2. From sponge bath to SpongeBob, your choices have changed

You like watching all the cartoon shows with your little one. You ditch your boy’s night for a superhero movie and playdates.

3. You plan your weekend morning according to your kid’s activity schedule.

Your weekend morning routines have taken a backseat. Call it a duty or volunteering, you love watching your kid go to music and dance classes on Saturdays. 

4. Your co-workers know all the cute things about your kid

You cannot stop talking about the little munchkin to your friends at work. You end up sharing amusing pictures, stories, and the firsts of your child with the people you hang out with.

5. The vomit you’re covered in is not yours!

For a change, the only person who pukes on you is your kid and not you.

6. Fancy dress competition is the new kick

One of the things that excite you about being a father is fancy dress competitions. You love dressing up your kid as vegetables, heroes, fairies, cartoons, and whatnot.

7. You remember the lyrics to all the rhymes

You hear the nursery rhymes more than your kid does. You know lyrics to all the rhymes, and you and your kid enjoy reciting them together.

8. You have a special dad-storage

Be it Father’s Day or your birthday, you love receiving greeting cards made by your daughter or son. You treasure them in your dad-storage.

9. No one can beat your special meal-time dance

You’re your kid’s favourite entertainer, and your special dance can make mealtime a smooth process. 

10. You keep a camera handy

You don’t want to miss any firsts of your child, and thus, you’re always seeking moments when you can capture and record your kid. Your phone gallery is overflowing with your kid’s pictures. 

11. You’re excited about receiving a necktie gift

You’re waiting for the day when your little one will get a neck-tie for you, just like you got for your father.

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Muskan Abbi

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