5 Things Every Single Dad Should Know

Being a single dad is a story in itself. Men have raised children alone for decades. However, it takes time to adjust to the facts for every single dad who is new in the league. Single fatherhood brings along a lot of responsibilities. Whether it’s a result of the death of the mother or divorce, it is a stressful event for the family, especially for the husband.

If you or any of your friends are trying to manage your life as a single dad, then this blog is for you. We want you to know these things and feel good about your role.

It’s okay to be just DAD

It's okay to be just DAD

Being a single parent eventually puts people to a conclusion that you have to replace the existence of another parent as well. While the need for a mom in certain areas of life can be taken care of by dads, being terrified about becoming both is not right. It’s all right to just be a dad to your kids. The void of a mom should not force you to become one.

You’re not alone in this.

You're not alone in this.

Whether you’re divorced, or your partner has passed away, the transition can prove to be rough and exhausting for both you and your kids. But, remember, you’re not alone in this. You can take the support of your friends, family members, fellow single dads or even a therapist to make yourself feel better. Things will fall in place with time, and you’ll gain control over most of it.

Skipping routine is normal

Skipping routine is normal

While it takes time to build a routine with your kids as a single dad, know that it’s okay if you skip it and relax for a while. Your kids need to enjoy and indulge in some unexpected activities with you from time to time. Don’t stress over sticking to routine just because you need to.

Happy parenting over toxic parenting

Happy parenting over toxic parenting

The relationship of parents greatly affects the mental well-being of children. If the parents are not happy together, it creates confusion for the kids, making them feel ignored. Every child perceives the situation differently when the parents fight in front of them. So, for every dad, being in a relationship that makes parenting difficult for you is a no-no. Always prioritise happy parenting over toxic parenting.

Self-time is important

Self-time is important 

Managing work, parenting, kid’s education, household activities, etc. can be stressful and demanding. So, taking some time off to release stress is also important. Find some time for yourself to keep your mind at peace.  Be it a hobby like reading, gardening or a day out, make time for yourself too. It’s up to you if you wish to spend it alone or with some friends. Keep a sitter handy for situations like these. And feeling guilty about it later shouldn’t be an option.

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