How to Create a Heartfelt Card for Your Dad?

Searching for a Father’s Day gift every year is quite a tedious job. We’re sure you must have given all kinds of bow-ties to your dad over the years. So, if you’re planning to do something different this time, then you can go for a handmade gift to convey your love and feelings perfectly. One of the simplest and sweetest DIY ideas is to make a card for dad. Greeting cards never go out of fashion. It is an old school way of expressing your emotions! To help you make a beautiful greeting card, we’ve come up with some creative tips and tricks. So, gather the stationery items that you will need and read these suggestions to make a heartfelt greeting card for your dad.

Pick a Kind

Tuxedo Greeting Card

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Before you put down your efforts on any paper, determine what kind of card you wish to create. Whether you want to go for a simple card with cute pictures or a creative crafty piece, planning what to create beforehand is always a viable option. For Father’s Day, you can make a card that looks like a tuxedo, put a cute tie on your card, cover it with a layer of a paper jacket or make a shirt. 

Add Pictures for Exclusiveness

Add Pictures for Exclusiveness

Make Father’s Day cards exclusive to your dad by adding his pictures to it. You can make him feel nostalgic by adding your favourite pictures of him to your card. Either spread out pictures inside the card with cute captions or make a picture trail or collection for a beautiful photo montage effect. 

Write something more than ‘Happy Father’s Day’

Write something more than 'Happy Father's Day'

While you’re making all the fancy cutouts and pictures, writing ‘Happy Father’s Day is not enough. Play with words and come up with a greeting to express your feelings beautifully. If you’re struggling to find the right words, then take inspiration from Father’s Day quotes and messages available online. 

Add Vectors for a Fuller Effect 

Add Vectors for a Fuller Effect

If you think your card is turning out blank or has less content, then you can print and paste small vectors on your card. Go by the Father’s Day theme and print small vectors like cakes, bow-tie, spectacles, moustache, suitcase, etc. Spread out the vectors on the base to give a fuller look to your card. 

But, don’t overdo it

But, don’t overdo it

We understand that you want to show your love through your Father’s Day greeting card but avoid overdoing things. Avoid adding everything on a single sheet of paper. If you have a lot of ideas, make a greeting scrapbook. Do not clutter a single place with lots of text and pictures. Try to keep it neat and simple. 

Wrap It Up

Wrap it up

You’ve put in a lot of effort in making this greeting card. So, why not wrap it in fancy gift paper rather than enveloping it in just a packet. Keep hard cardboard under your card and wrap all of it in beautiful wrapping paper. The cardboard will make it easier to pack. Remember to keep it a little loose on the edges. Add a cute bow and ribbon for the final effect. 

The most important thing you need to make your greeting card successful is an honest effort. No matter how good or bad you are at design and crafts, your dad will adore whatever you make for him with love. So, grab those pens and create some cute cards now. 

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