Unconventional Ways to Celebrate Women’s Day

Every year on March 8th, International Women’s Day is celebrated across the world. This day commemorates the contributions and achievements women have made in their lives.

Surprising with gifts, planning a romantic dinner or spa day are some of the common Women’s Day celebration ideas that are repeated almost every year. I am not saying that there is something wrong with any of these ways. But repetition causes boredom that kills the excitement of any occasion. Therefore, we are presenting here some unconventional celebration ideas to make Women’s Day a little different and special this year.

    • Spend time with them

Time is the most treasured gift that you can give anyone. Spend quality time with the wonderful women in your life. Cook for them. Watch movies together. Bake with them. Appreciate the little things they do for you. There’s a lot that you’ll learn from being with them.

    • Empower Them

Reach out to women who need help and the right opportunities to move forward. You can also volunteer at NGO’s who work for the rights and empowerment of women and girls. There are many opportunities out there to give it back to other women.

    • Attend a local Women’s Day event

Several events are organized on Women’s Day to raise awareness about issues related to girls and women like gender inequality and pay disparity. Being a part of such events will help you learn more about the existing problems and how can you contribute to resolving them.

    • Learn more about the women you admire

Be it, men or women, we all have some other women in our lives whom we admire a lot. Take Women’s Day as an opportunity to learn more about those women and know about the struggles they have come across in their lives. Talk to them and tell them that you’re there to support them. You can also please them with Women’s Day messages or gorgeous Women’s Day flowers to show that you care.

    • Travel Together

Travelling is an experience that helps you discover a side of the other person you didn’t know existed before. This coming Women’s Day, you can plan a short trip with your mom, wife, sister or female friends. While exploring a new place together, you’ll get to explore their habits, likes or dislikes that define them.

    • Splendid Balloon Décor

Make Women’s Day celebration bright and colorful for the wonderful women in your life with fabulous balloon décor. Walking in a room decorated with pretty balloons will make any woman feel special. Such a thoughtful gesture is a fantastic idea to show the recipient what a great surprise planner you are.

    • Shout out on social media

Use Women’s Day as an opportunity to publicly congratulate all the special women in your life on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. With thoughtful Women’s Day messages, you can thank the women who love and care for you and have helped you get where you are.

With these brilliant ways, you can celebrate Women’s Day a little differently this year.

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