7 Creative Activities to Celebrate Women’s Day at Work

8th March is just a few days away and it is time to celebrate one of the biggest events of the year. Yes, you guessed it right, we are talking about International Women’s Day 2020. This day marks a critical point in the movement towards women empowerment and their equal status in society. The 2020 theme for International Women’s Day is #EachforEqual which focuses on creating a gender-equal world. Organizing Women’s day celebration at the workplace is a great way to support women and raise awareness about issues related to them. We’ve compiled a list of creative and meaningful activities that you can include in the Women’s Day celebration at work.

    • Surprise with a Thank You note

Surprising all the female employees with a ‘Thank You’ note first thing in the morning will set the tone for the celebration of the day. The ‘thank you’ note can be a personalized mail or in the form of a small card along with splendid Women’s Day flowers.

    • Organise a Game Session

Game sessions are always fun and get people in the mood to participate and enjoy. It will give all female employees a chance to interact and bond with each other. Scavenger hunt, movie name game, alphabetical talk, and test your memory are some interesting game suggestions that will add a twist to the celebration.

    • Plan a Special Lunch

Delight the ladies at the workplace with a special lunch on Women’s Day. After all, food is one of the best rewards to offer and have the women in your office enjoy a special meal in each other’s pleasant company.

    • Host a Health & Wellness Program

Women often tend to neglect their health amidst the busy life that takes a toll on their physical and mental wellbeing. On Women’s Day, you can host an interactive session for all the female employees with a nutritionist or health expert. It will help them understand that taking care of their health is important and they should make a choice to live healthy by eating nutritious food and exercising regularly.

    • Organise a Comedy Show

Laughter is the best therapy. Organise a comedy show at the workplace and make all the lovely ladies smile. It will be a great distraction from work pressure and other personal issues and let the ladies relax and laugh.

    • Applaud the Hard-Working Female Employees

Gather everyone around and acknowledge the contributions and efforts of amazing female employees at the work. Speak about their achievements and how they have contributed to the development of the organization with their hard work. It will encourage them to keep up the good work and inspire other female employees.

    • A Fun Party for Female Employees

Organizing a fun party for female employees is the best way to get everyone on the dance floor and tap their feet to the crazy hits. In the middle of the party, you can surprise everyone with lovely presents as a token of gratitude & appreciation. There are plenty of Women’s Day gift ideas for colleagues available online that female employees can give to each other as a symbol of mutual love, respect, and support.

These amazing Women’s Day celebration activities will surely make the day memorable for all the female employees at the workplace.

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