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      Buy Outdoor Plants Online

      In our food cycle or in the chain of life, plant is the most important thing on which rest every other living being depends. From cooking food to building house, plant is of utmost requirement. Online order outdoor plants in Dubai and across UAE from our website and make your place a better one. Because with a plant comes its fruits and flowers that nurtures other animals including us.

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      Buy Outdoor Plants Online
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        Outdoor Plants Online Build a Better Tomorrow

        With ever-growing population comes urbanization and deforestation and that means we would face some shortage of oxygen and food in near future. If you don’t want that, you should also promote the greenery more and more. Outdoor plants delivery online in the UAE would be successfully done by us and that means there is an end to your gifting problem. On any kind of occasion, especially birthdays, marriage, anniversary, house-warming, Christmas, etc. planting a tree would be a fantastic idea. Nurturing a life to perfection would bring more and more happiness and good luck to yourself only and so for a better life you can keep these plants alive in your garden. You can buy some outdoor trees in Dubai, Abu Dhabi Al Ain or Sharjah to do your part with the planet. You can also get a baby plant and nurture it well. On that note, order outdoor plants in the UAE from us.

        Buy Online Fresh & Healthy Outdoor Plants in Dubai from FNP

        Growing plants in your garden and home is the best way to stay close to nature. They are a visual treat and fill our surroundings with greenery. Plants improve air quality, reduce stress, and help people concentrate more. They create a calm and happier environment at home and help reduce negativity. Outdoor plants are the best way to add a dash of color to your garden and make it look more beautiful and welcoming. They help create a space in your garden where you can sit in quiet and enjoy some quality time with your friends, family, and loved ones. FNP is the one-stop shop where you can find a variety of fresh and healthy outdoor plants in Dubai & across UAE. You can have a look at our beautiful collection of the best outdoor plants in Dubai and order them online to decorate your garden or to gift your loved ones on festivals, housewarming parties and other important occasions. Furthermore, you can now order medicinal plants, flowering plants or air plants in Dubai and deck up your outdoors with these refreshing greens. Our USP is that you can order outdoor plants online anywhere across the UAE from us. But, before you head, take a look at our list of different types of outdoor plant gifts available on our website:

        Here is a list of different types of Outdoor Plants available on our website:

        • Syngonium- It is a flowering plant in the family Araceae with woody vines and leaves that change shape according to the plant’s stage of growth. It is one of the most common outdoor and indoor plants online. It can easily survive outside as well as inside your home.

        • Peace Lily- Peace Lily is a great air-purifying plant, which is a member of the Araceae family that does well outdoors in warm climates. Therefore, it will make for one of the best outdoor plants online in Dubai or any other part of the UAE.

        • Areca Palm- Areca palm is one of the most widely used palms that are believed to have originated in the Philippines. It is one of the best air-purifying plants that filter xylene and toluene from the air.

        • Sansevieria- It is a species of flowering plant in the family Asparagaceae. A famous air-purifying and outdoor plant in the UAE that filters out formaldehyde commonly found in the cleaning products and personal care products.

        • Cactus- Cactus is a member of the plant family Cactaceae that require low maintenance and care. Found in a wide range of shapes and sizes, they can survive in extremely dry environments. If you are planning to order succulents in Dubai, then you can consider a cactus plant.

        • Aglaonema Plant- It is an evergreen perennial herb with erect stems and wide leaves that are often variegated with silver and green coloration.

        • Zamia Plant- Zamia is a genus of shrubs, which is native to America particularly tropical areas. It has small, upright bush with wide, dark green and oval shaped glossy leaves. As far as outdoor plants in the UAE go, this is one such green buddy you must have at home.

        • Tulsi- Tulsi Plant is a holy plant that is fond of bright light. Hence, it will make for the most excellent outdoor plants in the UAE. You can easily get Tulsi plant online delivery from our portal and surprise your loved ones with it.

        Send Green & Stunning Outdoor Plants in Dubai and Across UAE to Your Friends & Family

        Are you in search of fresh and vibrant outdoor plants online in Dubai? Then FNP is the answer to all your searches. We have upgraded our collection with a variety of air-purifying and ornamental outdoor plants that are perfect to grow in your balcony, garden, and porch where they can receive abundant sunshine for their proper growth. Ranging from poinsettia, Kalanchoe, bougainvillea, and jasmine to rose plant, we have an attractive collection of outdoor plants UAE that can be delivered across major cities in UAE and other countries via our same day and next day delivery service. To order plants in Dubai, you need to consider the climatic conditions to ensure their proper growth. The outdoor plants can also be combined with other gifts like cakes, chocolates, flowers, and home décor items to offer not just one but two impressive gifts to your loved ones on their major occasions. Gifting plants is a decent step to keep the environment fresh and clean and promote the concept of green gifting. So, you can easily avail the outdoor plants online delivery services and send these lovely green gifts to your loved ones without any hassle. So, order and send plants to Sharjah, Abu Dhabi and all across the UAE.

        Best Outdoor Plants Ideas from FNP

        Plant By Types Outdoor Plant Ideas Availability/Maintenance
        Decorative Bonsai Tree, Mexican Fan Palm, Mentha Plant Across Dubai and UAE
        Medicinal Purpose
        Tulsi Plant Across Dubai and UAE
        Floral Plants Desert Rose, Christ Plant, Morning Glory Across Dubai and UAE
        Good Luck Plants Budha Bamboo, Tulsi Plant Across Dubai and UAE
        Large Tree Plants Ashoka Plant, Curry Plant Across Dubai and UAE

        Order Online Beautiful & Green Outdoor Plants in Dubai and Across UAE at FNP

        Plants are the natural ways to decorate homes and gardens with abundant greenery. They help keep the environment clean and purify the air we all breathe. Apart from improving the air quality and humidity levels, plants help reduce stress by adding calming and soothing vibes to any space. They absorb noise and help improve the concentration and productivity of people at homes and offices. Keeping in mind the alarming rate of pollution, people have started growing more and more plants as a preventive measure. FNP brings to you a variety of attractive outdoor plants in Dubai such as poinsettia, anthurium, jade, and bonsai plantthat can be ordered online to gift during festivals and major occasions. You can also easily buy outdoor plant gifts for decorating your home as they will enhance the overall grace of your garden and make it look more vibrant and beautiful. The aloe vera plant is another famous plant known for its air-purifying properties that can be grown both indoors and outdoors. It removes the toxic components from the indoor air, such as benzene and formaldehyde. You can also put aloe vera plant in your bedroom as it releases oxygen at night. Besides our outdoor plant's range, you can explore our indoor plants and easily order a Jade or Money plant in Dubai and all across the UAE. With the help of our same day and next day outdoor plant online delivery service, you can send plants to your friends and family in the UAE on Diwali, Christmas, New Year, and housewarming occasions. Trust us to get the outdoor plants delivered on time and without any damage. So, what are you waiting for? Quickly buy outdoor plants online for your loved ones because they would truly appreciate such a heartwarming gesture that would add fun to their celebrations and greenery to their homes. Moreover, we offer the best outdoor plants in Dubai and you must visit our portal and order right away!

        FAQs on Outdoor Plants In UAE

        Que 1: Can I order plants for my garden online?

        Why not! Given the technological advancement, you can order outdoor, indoor and even flowering plants online. There is a bevy of options when it comes to online florists who can deliver plants for your garden right to your doorstep. If you want to order outdoor plants in the UAE, FNP is the largest online nursery that delivers the best quality and the largest variety of plants for your home, office or garden. So add a dash of green splash to your space with us! You can order plants to Abu Dhabi, Sharjah and all across the UAE.

        Que 2: What plants are good for outside all year round?

        Some of the prettiest evergreen plants that are good for outside all year long are Lavender, Holly, Golden Sword, Green Mountains, Heucheras and Blue Star. These outdoor plants in the UAE keep thriving (regardless of the month) and will make your garden picture-perfect. Other than these, you can also buy a money plant and lucky tree in UAE that will transform your garden into a charming oasis.

        Que 3: Which site is best to buy plants online?

        You can order outdoor plants in Dubai and all across the UAE with absolute ease with us. From hanging plants to medicinal plants and from terrace plants to hanging plants - our site is a garden of a variety of plants that are sorted based on type, price and delivery date. This will help you choose and order the right product. So if you want to order outdoor plants in the UAE for yourself or your loved ones, you can count upon us.

        Que 4: Which plant is good for outdoor?

        Bonsai Plants, Mexican Palm plants, Calamansi plants, Curry plants are some of the best outdoor plants. Furthermore, you can easily scout through our outdoor plants online and order them.

        Que 5: What plants are easy to take care of outside?

        Some of the plants that you can easily take care of are Jade plants, Palm Plants, Bonsai Plants, Curry plants and more.

        Que 6: What is the most durable plant?

        Jade Plant and Palm plants are the most durable plants.

        Que 7: What kind of plants can survive in UAE?

        Some of the plants that can easily survive in the UAE are the Tulsi plant, Jade Plant, Curry Plant, Mexican Palm plant and more. If you are looking for getting these outdoor plants in the UAE, then you can visit our portal and do so.

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