10 Amazing Father’s Day Gift Ideas for New Dads

Becoming a father is a life-changing experience. The sleepless nights, early mornings and splitting diaper duties can be a bit overwhelming at times. But the joy of welcoming a baby into this world, holding their fingers and hearing them calling dad for the first time makes all the pain worth it.

A guy’s first Father’s Day is extremely special. It is worth commemorating with a memorable gift from baby to appreciate his hard work and efforts. So, we have put together 10 awesome Father’s Day gift ideas that you can give any new dad, whether you are his wife, parent or sibling.

Best Dad Ever Coffee Mug

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The new dad is going to need a lot of coffee to stay active and alert throughout the day. You know what we are talking about here. Yes, to recover from late nights, early mornings and those endless feeding sessions. A personalised coffee mug with a cute quote that says ‘Best Dad Ever’ will be a huge hit for Father’s Day.

Fatherhood Journal

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Becoming a father for the first time is a wonderful experience. Every day brings new challenges and opportunities to add on to something new to the journey of fatherhood. A journal will allow new dads to scribble down their thoughts about fatherhood and how it changed them as a person. Something that they can cherish later in life.

Photo Frame

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Wouldn’t it be nice to offer new dads the gift of memory with a photo frame? A customized photo frame that showcases their first click with their child on the day of birth. It is a thoughtful gift idea that will always remind them of the day when God bestowed them with a beautiful gift.

Shiatsu Neck Massage Pillow

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He hardly gets any rest as he is always busy taking care of the baby. A neck massage pillow will allow new dads to relax their mind and body. It will provide a deep massage to their tissues and muscles to ease all the stress and tension. A soothing and relaxing experience will help dads relax and rejuvenate.

Grooming Hamper

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We agree new dads may look tired and exhausted most of the time due to lack of sleep. Gifting a grooming hamper will allow them to take time out of their busy schedule and work a bit on their looks. Or try a new look, maybe.

Wine Freeze Cooling Cup

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When dads get some spare time from cleaning, feeding and lullabying babies, it’s time for wine. A wine freeze cooling cup will make an amazing Father’s Day gift that will keep the wine cool for a long time keeping intact its natural flavor. The perfect gift to make wine O’ Clock fun and exciting for dads.

Smartphone Handlebar Mount

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When dads have to take their little ones for strolling, a clip-on smartphone mount is best to keep them hands-free for steering the vehicle. With voice navigation, they can accept calls, send texts and write emails without even touching the cell phone. It will also allow them to devote their full attention to the kid without any distraction.

Instant Digital Print Camera

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A perfect object to capture those sweet memories of a newborn baby. It is much better than smartphones that give a printed photograph and automatically saves a digital copy of the picture. With this thoughtful gift, dads can click instant pictures of the precious moments that they will be able to cherish forever.

A Book on Parenting

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Fatherhood is a journey full of happy, sad and challenging moments. The men who are experiencing fatherhood for the first time can actually use some help. A book on parenting will make an excellent Father’s Day gift for new dads that will help them learn ways to deal with kids in different situations, how to excel their mental growth and several ways to comfort them physically and emotionally.

New Daddy Toolbox

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There’s nothing more special than becoming a father for the first time. A new daddy toolbox equipped with diapers, baby creams, baby wipes, first aid supplies, bibs, and other essentials will come handy for the new dads to clean and feed babies.

These amazing gift ideas are sure to make daily tasks easy and convenient for new dads.

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