7 Awesome Ideas to Celebrate Your Partner’s First Father’s Day

first fathers day

One of the biggest moments in a man’s life is when he takes his little kid in arms to experience the overwhelming joy of fatherhood. An exciting life awaits, and just because your little bundle of joy is too small to celebrate this profound day doesn’t mean it can’t be made super special.

Read below for ideas that’ll help you make your partner’s first Father’s Day memorable.

  1. Pen Him a Letter

Go with the flow and let words tell how special a father your partner is. Talk of the bright future that lies ahead and of the beautiful present that you’re fortunate to be sharing together as parents.

  1. Dress Up

What you feel like is how you must look like. Take this opportunity to get matching or complementing tees for the father-son duo. Make sure you grab a camera for an exclusive photoshoot!

#FNPTip: Collect the snaps in an album for an amazing gift.

  1. Paint Some Love

Here’s an idea that is guaranteed to bring a wide smile on your partner’s face. Apply kid-friendly paint on your baby’s hands and feet and imprint it on a canvas. Get it framed for a gift that your partner will cherish forever.

  1. Don’t Forget the Essentials

There are certain things that you must remember. And that is why Ferns n Petals is here, browse from an extensive collection of Father’s Day gifts and add personalised gifts for the perfect combo.

#FNPTip: You can never go wrong with a grooming kit or classic leather wallets.

  1. Record a Video Message

Be seated before a recorder and pour out all your emotions. Tell of the brightness and strength he brings in your life with a heart-warming video message that your partner will treasure forever.

  1. Pamper Him

Make him feel on top of the world with small things; let him sleep until late and play some video games with him. From his favourite breakfast to the dessert he loves the most, cook your partner the best meal.

  1. Immortalise the Day

Ask your partner to write a letter or put something of great emotional value in a time capsule for your kid to discover when he turns a certain age.

#FNPTip: If you’re confused, put a family photograph with a loving note on the back.

Make the day an exceptional success with these creative ideas and let your partner feel the warmth of immeasurable love on his first Father’s Day.

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