DIY Gift Wrapping Ideas

When people receive gifts, a magical smile appears on their faces instantly. They start guessing what could possibly be inside a beautifully wrapped box that they have received. The gift-wrapping plays an important part in building up the curiosity and excitement among the receiver. So, it has to be something special and thoughtful. We present here some DIY gift-wrapping ideas that you can try at home to make the gift look fabulous.

  • Use Fabric as Ribbon

When running out of a ribbon or looking for a pretty alternative to cover up the gift box, you can opt for a fabric. Cut the fabric in the shape of a ribbon and tie it around the gift box to make it look even more gorgeous.

  • Transform a Plain Brown Wrapping

Add some green color to an ordinary brown wrapping by slipping a small plant under some twine wrapped around the gift box. It will completely transform a plain brown wrapping into an attractive one.

  • Replace Ribbons with Uninflated Balloons

All you need to do is- take some uninflated balloons and tie them horizontally with a string of other inflated balloons. Tie them around the gift box just like a ribbon. It will make a colorful gift-wrapping, which is ideal for kids’ presents.

  • Use Paper Shopping Bags

You can use spare paper shopping bags to make your own gift-wrap. Simply, add a colorful ribbon or string to the gift to make it look even more fun and desirable.

  • Decorate With Paper Bows

This DIY gift wrap is quite easy to make. You can cut bow shapes out of colorful cardboard paper. Add a twist by filling the center of the bow wrap with confetti to make it look sparkly.

  • Dress Up the Gift with Washi Tape

Washi tape can be used for pretty much anything- be it home décor or gift-wrapping. You can dress up your gift-wrapping by creating a layered effect by placing the washi tape horizontally and vertically in an alternating pattern.

  • Create Wonders with Watercolour

Take a plain kraft paper and create a tie-dye appearance on it using water colors. Try and use the colors of the same family that blend well together. The gift-wrap will be an absolute delight for the receiver.

  • Chalkboard Effect

Create a unique chalkboard look by drawing or writing with the white marker on top of black wrapping paper. You can customize the designs with a thoughtful message for the recipient.

  • Hand-stamped Polka Dots

This adorable DIY gift-wrapping idea is minimal yet impressive. Take a piece of the brown kraft paper. Dab the round sponge stamper into your favorite colored acrylic paint. Begin stamping circles in the brown kraft paper in the pattern of your choice.

  • Paper Towel Roll Pillow Box

There is no better way to make good use of the paper towel roll. Fold the edges of the toilet paper from both ends to create a perfect pillow box. Embellish it a bit by rolling a piece of newspaper or magazine around the toilet paper pillow box and tape the end. Finish the end look with a colorful wide bow.

Get ready to try these DIY gift wrapping ideas for the coming festive season or special occasions of your loved ones.

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