Bookmark This Full Form of FRIENDS Right Away!

A wise man once said, “Good friends don’t let you do stupid things… alone!” And we couldn’t agree more.

Some people are not connected to us by blood, but they’re always there in our blessings and memories. We call them FRIENDS! They’re the VIPs of your life, and every activity seems dull without them. It is a mutual relationship of love, craziness, fights and never-ending drama. And to understand this relationship better, we’ve come up with a full form of FRIENDS with a whiff of all the feelings that you need to bookmark right away.

F – Funny

Friends are a package deal. From bringing that smile on your face after every fight to laughing at the worst moments, they can make absolutely anything funny.

R – Reliable

Remember the times when they changed their voice to mark your proxy or woke you up in the middle of the meeting? You can rely on them for anything and find them ready for all the support.

I – Irritating

Nagging, irritating, playing pranks and annoying you is your friend’s birthright. Every friend is talented enough to annoy the other friends without any training. And if you’re angry, they’ll visit you and irritate you even more.

E – Encouraging

Be it confessing your first love or pronouncing the words wrong in an oral test, your friends have encouraged you for every prank, new opportunity and little thing in life. You keep on moving forward in life because of people like them besides you.

N – Nosy

Admit or not, every friend is nosy. From checking your lunch box for food to peeking on your conversations with your boo, they’ll keep track of everything happening in your life. And why not? You have earned this stalker.

D – Dramatic

Drama is synonymous with friends. They can convince you for possibly any stupid thing with their drama, and guess what? You find yourself walking behind the next minute.

S – Sweet

No matter how irritating, stupid or dramatic your friends are, you run up to them with all your worries and reflect stronger. They’ll do all the cute things to make you smile and be there in times of need. The immense sweetness of this relationship is what keeps you two going.

So, this Friendship Day, send this full form of FRIENDS to all the crazy ones in your life and tell them – they’re special. Celebrate this exciting occasion by ordering unique Friendship Day gifts for your buddies and get the party started.

About the author

Muskan Abbi

Muskan loves cheese and penning down poetry, often in that order. She is an in-house content writer and can be found at work by following the sound of brisk typing.

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