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      Plants Online Shop

      Keeping a plant at home is always recommended because it not only purifies the air around but in a sense gives peace to our mind. And certain plants add to the happiness and prosperity of the home. We have a sprawling collection of plants in UAE that can be gifted to friends, family, and relatives on any occasion.

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        Precious Plants Online: Your Forever Friends

        Once, a wise man said "gardening adds years to your life and life to your years" and we couldn't agree more. Plants are the root of our living. From providing us with basic necessity like oxygen to becoming our friends, the life of every plant is of utmost value to the environment. Keeping plants at home has been a practice since time immemorial. Earlier, having a garden at home was a common thing but with availability, trends changed over time. In today’s age of mass urbanization and increasing population, people are dealing with the serious problem of space crunch. Therefore, gardening enthusiasts are opting for indoor plants or outdoor plants that they can grow in bedrooms, living spaces, study rooms or balconies. Bringing a plant home is like adopting a child. You watch them grow and grow with them, besides availing all the health benefits. The plants for sale in Dubai, Sharjah and other cities in the UAE not only contribute to improving air quality around but also help increase productivity and creativity. Whether you buy a Dracaena or a White Pothos, their lush green leaves will instantly uplift your mood and home. The green beauties are perfect to enhance the interiors and create a calm and soothing environment. Thus, keeping this in mind, FNP has taken an initiative to help people build a greener and healthier environment. We have an online plant shop that offers beautiful greens across the UAE. You can buy a plant online in UAE from FNP and send them as a gift to your friends and family. Plants make the perfect housewarming gift because of their beautiful green hues and various health benefits. So, order plants from FNP to amp up any space.

        Buy Plants in Dubai & Across the UAE Online from our Online Plant Shop

        Little greens are friends for life. And thus, they make up for one of the best gifts for absolutely anyone. Every plant contributes to the oxygen level, be it air purifying, indoor, outdoor, flowering, or cactus. Other than that, some plants also bring good luck to your life. They are called lucky plants, such as lucky bamboo, money plant, jade plant, and snake plant. And therefore, as a gift, plants are just amazing, because you are giving not only luck but also greenery and peace to the recipient. But, if you are worried about sending plants to Dubai and other places, then we're here to help you through. FNP is the best online plant store, which is known for offering a variety of plants and timely plant delivery in Dubai. We have a wide range of indoor and outdoor plants in UAE, including lucky bamboo, Kalanchoe, white Orchid, Anthurium, Azalea, Echeveria, succulent plants, money plant, poinsettia, Zamia, Areca palm, etc. Be it your parents, grandparents, relatives, colleagues, boss, friends, or partner, you can give a green gift to anyone without any hesitation. So, if it’s your sister’s birthday and you are looking out for a nice birthday gift for your sister, then you must have a look at our refreshing plants online in Dubai. Or if your beloved is about the start his or her dream job soon, we also have beautiful exotic office desk plants too. Apart from plants, you can also locate many other beautiful gift ideas on our portal for celebrating special moments of life like birthdays, wedding, anniversary, housewarming occasion, job promotion, or the arrival of a newborn baby.

        Explore A Variety Of Plants Online in Dubai & Across the UAE

        FNP is a renowned and trusted online plant shop in Dubai that offers a wide variety of indoor and outdoor plants. Know about various types of plants in Dubai and other places that are available on our portal and place an order anywhere in the UAE to surprise your loved ones on special occasions.

        • Bonsai Plants
        • The word ‘Bonsai’ is a Japanese term, which means ‘planted in a container.’ It is an ancient Chinese horticulture practice to create a miniaturized but realistic representation of nature in the form of a tree. Pachira Bonsai, Ginseng Bonsai, Ficus Bonsai, Ficus Microcarpa and Araucaria Bonsai are some of the famous Bonsai plants available in our online plant shop. These beautiful bonsai trees would be a perfect birthday gift for girls because just like the awesome girls, Bonsai trees are also stylish and trendy!

        • Air Purifier Plants
        • Air-purifying plants are houseplants that absorb harmful toxins and provide pure air to breathe. The air-purifying plants are known to create a calm and soothing environment that increases concentration and memory and helps reduce stress and fatigue. Spider plant, Bamboo Palm, Boston Fern, Peace Lily and Pothos plant are some of the famous air-purifying plants in Dubai that you can order from our portal to decorate your home.

        • Indoor Plants
        • Indoor plants are houseplants that are grown indoors in places such as homes and offices. Growing indoor plants is a great way to stay close to nature that has positive psychological effects on mental health as well. Jade plant, Money plant, Peace Lily plant, Lucky Bamboo, Syngonium plant and Spider plant are some of the most widely grown indoor plants.

        • Outdoor Plants
        • Outdoor plants are those plants that can be grown outdoors in sunlight and shade. We offer a wide range of fresh and green outdoor plants online that includes Lucky Money tree, Desert Rose, Bonsai plant, Hibiscus plant, Jasmine plant, Christmas plant, Aloe Vera and Money plant, etc.

        • Flowering Plants
        • These are the plants that produce flowers to reproduce. Their scientific name is angiosperms that start as seeds and later begin to grow into a mature plant with roots, stems, leaves and flowers. Hibiscus, Jasmine and Adenium Desert Rose are some of the popular flowering plants available on our website.

        • Herbal/Medicinal Plants
        • Medicinal plants also known as herbal plants include various types of plants that are used for medicinal purposes. They are used as food, medicine or perfume and also in several spiritual activities. Basil, Aloe Vera, Ajwain, Tulsi, and Aeralia are some of the widely grown medicinal as well as housewarming plants in Dubai that you can order from our portal to decorate your home.

        Browse for Plants in the UAE Best Suited for Personalities

        Every gift is known to provide maximum perks when it suits the recipient well. We have a large array of plants, but not every plant is the same as the other so, the plant owner should be comfortable with it. Take a look at the various plants in the UAE that would suit different personalities better.

        Nature Lover

        This kind of person is one with nature and Earthly objects, such as plants make a great gift idea. However, it is always best to challenge people, which is why needy or slightly demanding plants will be better suited for a nature lover.


        This type of person is too engrossed in work to be able to afford to be bothered with plants. Thus, succulents, bonsais and such hardy plants online in Dubai shall do the recipient well. They do not want any attention and like to be on their own most of the time.


        The ones who are known to be carefree, can look into the welfare of their green buddies time and again. Let them nurture plants in the UAE that are as playful and beautiful as them, such as foliage or flowering plants. They do not require out of the ordinary care and are not so fussy too. You can also opt for air plants in Dubai as they don’t require potting soil, are low-maintenance and looks good in regular pots, frames, bowls & baskets.


        A homemaker is another busy person and seldom gets enough time to rest. Nevertheless, they should be allowed a corner of peace and relaxation with lovely green plants around them. Opt for lucky bamboos, money plants or peace lilies that are available on the online plant shop portal.

        How to Keep Plants Around Your House?

        There's nothing trendier than having plants around your house. But, how to arrange them and which plants should be kept in different zones of the house is still a question that bothers many. We have the answers to your queries right here at FNP. Buy plants online in Dubai and arrange them strategically in different areas of your house with us. Read the listicle below to know more.

        • Bedroom
        • Keep plants like Lavender on your bedside to beat insomnia. You can also keep Lady Palm for a tropical look. English ivy and snake plants will add fresh air to your bedroom and won't bother you with messy leaves around.

        • Kitchen
        • Beautify your kitchen window with plants. You can keep small and useful plants in the kitchen. Herbs like basil and rosemary can be a good pick. Other than that, peace lilies can grow well in a humid kitchen environment that doesn't need direct sunlight.

        • Bathroom
        • Turn your bathroom into a personal oasis by keeping plants. The high humidity level of a bathroom is perfect for many plants to thrive in. You can go for golden pothos, aloe vera, alocasia, snake plant and philodendron. Keep bamboo in a dark bathroom with low or no light.

        • Balcony & Terrace
        • Your balcony or terrace can become your go-to hobby garden by adding some plants to it. Some of the easiest balcony plants include spider plant, basil, Jade plant, cactus, desert rose, pansy, fern etc. These plants do not get burned or dry out in direct sunlight. Visit our online plant nursery to find a variety of balconies and terraces.

        • Doorway
        • Adding plants to doorways helps in enhancing the overall look of the front door with freshness. You can choose plants like marigold, begonia, hydrangea, ferns, roses, ornamental grass, boxwood etc.

        • Living Room
        • Spruce up your living room by adding little greens to shady corners, dim places and on the corners of heavy furniture. Anthuriums, Lucky Bamboo, ZZ plant, snake plant, peace lily orchid plant, aglaonema, areca palm are some of the common living room plants to decorate happy corners.

          So, do not limit your plants to some corners. Buy plants and decorate all rooms of your house with us. You can get all these plants in Dubai from our online plant shop and make it a green day.

        Deliver Plants in Dubai & Other Cities on Special Occasions Using Our Hassle-free Delivery Services

        Are you looking for places to plant in the UAE to decorate your house or gift your loved ones during festivals and special occasions? If yes, then FNP is a famous plant shop in Dubai where you can order plants of all types like indoor plants, outdoor plants, flowering plants, money plants, terrariums plants, and dish gardens. You can browse through our wonderful collection of the lucky bamboo plant, bonsai plant, jade plant, money plant, dish gardens, and foliage plants in Dubai and order them online for birthdays, anniversaries, festivals and housewarming occasions of your dear ones. You can also buy the aloe vera plant from our website, which is considered a medicinal plant and offers several health benefits. It removes certain toxic compounds present in the air to purify it. This plant has a beautiful appearance that is also used to treat skin issues, burns, and digestive problems. With the help of our same day, next day and express delivery service, you can enjoy plant delivery in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Ajman and Fujairah at the doorstep of your loved ones in a hassle-free manner. These thoughtful gifts will brighten up their day and add more joy to their celebrations. So, place your order now and we'll help you with plant delivery in Dubai right on time.

        Frequently Asked Questions Based on Plants

        1- Where to buy plants in Dubai?

        Ans: You can buy plants from online and offline nurseries in Dubai. FNP is a famous online plant store that offers a wide range of indoor and outdoor plants Online Dubai.

        2- What are the varieties of plants that FNP have?

        Ans: FNP offers a wide variety of indoor, outdoor, and flowering plants online like lucky bamboo, bonsai, money plant, Sansevieria, aloe vera, poinsettia, anthurium, and Haworthia. We also offer dish gardens, terrariums, cactuses and succulents on our website under the plant category.

        3- Does FNP deliver plants to my city?

        Ans: Yes, FNP delivers plants across the UAE, such as Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Fujairah, Al Ain, Ras Al Khaimah, etc.

        4- Which site is best to buy plants online?

        Ans: Without any doubt, FNP is the best online plant shop in Dubai. We excel in providing the lushest, exotic and beautiful indoor and outdoor plants that you can also present as a gift.

        5- Where can I buy local plants online?

        Ans: If you are on Google, typing and searching ‘local plants near me’, you have landed at your destination. FNP is the most preferred place to purchase online plants in Dubai and the entire UAE.

        6- What are the five flowering plants that grow well in UAE?

        Ans: There are tons of visually appealing and exotic flowering plants that grow well in the UAE. Flame tree, Date Palm, Mother’s Tongue, Tropical Hibiscus and Bougainvillaea takes the spot of the top five.

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